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Snapchat filters - sick face snapchat filter Snapchat lenses have continued their popularity since the snapchat update in late 2015. More filters are released almost daily now. The collection of snapchat lenses is refreshed and randomized every day. This means that some older filters will go away for a while, but will make a reappearance later on. So if your favorite snapchat lens isn’t available anymore, don’t stress, it will be back again eventually. The snapchat lens being discussed in this article is the sick face lens. This lens makes the user appear as though they are sick. Below you will find a description of the filter as well as some information on how to activate it.

Sick Face Snapchat Lens Overview

The sick face snapchat lens can fool your friends and family if they have not seen it before and you set it up correctly. The sick face lens on snapchat consists of some dark eye circles that droop down below the users eyes. Along with the bags under your eyes, the lens adds a long animated drop of snot that hangs from your right nostril and a smaller drop from the other nostril. If you use an emoji to cover up the snot hanging from the nose the lens can appear extremely realistic. The last time this lens was available a friend of mine sent me a picture taken with this lens and covered the snot with the sick face emoji. I actually thought for a second that she was sick until I looked at the lenses that were available that day. All of the realism is removed from this lens once it is activated. To activate this lens you simply open your mouth. Once activated, rainbow colored snot will shoot toward the screen and stick there.

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