Snapchat Lenses – Skittles Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat


Snapchat has begun selling another form of marketing to business brands. This form of marketing involves the snapchat users even more by allowing them to create interactive selfies using snapchat geolenses. Businesses pay snapchat to create sponsored geolenses to promote business’ products. This geolens is sponsored by skittles. This lens brings back the theme of some of the previous television commercials that have aired over the passed few years. This geolens is interactive just as almost all of the snapchat lenses are. Below you will find a description of the lens visually and how to operate the lens.

Skittles Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat Overview

The skittles geolens is a reference to the skittles commercials that have aired on television in the past few years. The lens brings in the concept of the skittles slogan which is “taste the rainbow.” The slogan is incorporated by the rainbow of skittles that arches down from the upper left corner then back up to the upper right corner of the lens. The background of the lens is a faded sky scene with a blue sky showing through some white fluffy clouds. In the center of the background there is a round area that is completely transparent which is where your face shows through. In the bottom of left hand corner of the lens you will find the skittles logo. To activate the lens you simply open your mouth. Once activated skittles will rain from the top of the lens and cover your face to create a smiley face that winks. The skittles face is a reference to the skittles super bowl commercial featuring Steven Tyler.

How to Use The Skittles Geolens on Snapchat 

To use this lens you will first need to open the front facing camera on the snapchat app. Next you will hold your finger on your face on the screen. This will allow snapchat to scan your facial features so it knows where your face is and when you activate the lens. Next you will choose the skittles lens from the bottom list of lenses. It will be the second lens in the series. Once you select the lens all you have to do is open your mouth to activate the lens. To capture a picture just tap the circular icon in the bottom center of the screen. To record a video you simply hold the icon as apposed to tapping it. Once you create your selfie you will be able to send it to friends or add it to your story.

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