Snapchat Lenses – Spider Face With Spider Web Snapchat Lens

Snapchat animal theme lenses have taken a turn to the dark side. Instead of cute cuddly animals, snapchat has now created a lens that turns users into some more creepy animals.

The most recent snapchat lens released by snapchat turns snap hat users into a six eyed arachnid. The spider face with spider web snapchat lens is one of the creepiest snapchat lenses that has ever been released; especially if you have a fear of spiders. This lens will definitely scare some people who are the recipient of snaps using this lens. Below you will find a description of the spider face snapchat lens along with a picture of the lens applied.

Spider Face With Spider Web Snapchat Lens Overview 

The spider face snapchat filter allows snapcjat users to turn themselves into a spider. There are a number of components that create the effect. The lens starts by morphing your head so that it starts off big at the top then gets smaller toward your chin. The lens also applies a black and white themed filter that adds to the creepy effect. The spider snapchat lens adds black lipstick that covers your lips and follows your mouth as you open and close it. The lens multiplies your eyes so that you have six eyes stacked on top of eachother. This lens is going to cause some issues with people who are scared of spiders. 

 snapchat lenses - spider face snapchat lens 
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