Snapchat Lenses – Sunglasses With Explosion Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Sunglasses With Explosion Snapchat Lens Snapchat lenses add entertaining effects to your snapchat selfies and videos. Lenses range from simple lenses that warp you face into funny shapes, to complex lenses that can be activated by raising your eyebrows or opening your mouth. Snapchat is continuously updating the list of lenses available to snapchat users. Any particular snapchat lens available today isn’t necessarily going to be available tomorrow. To see a list of past and present snapchat lenses CLICK HERE. In this article I will discuss one of the newer lenses that snapchat has released. The Sunglasses with explosion snapchat lens. Below you will find an overview of the lens as well as instructions on how to activate the lens.

Sunglasses With Explosion Snapchat Lens Overview

The sunglasses with explosion snapchat lens is a pretty cool lens; especially if you record a video. This lens starts out as just a pair of black sunglasses that resemble Ray Ban sunglasses or Aviator sunglasses. The black sunglasses follow your head and face unless you turn your head more than 90 degrees to either the left or right. This filter can be activated by opening your mouth. Once activated the lens will come to life. An explosion will be seen in the reflection of the sunglasses lenses and the edges of the screen will flash. Sparks will also fly from the edges of the screen. All of these occurrences are intended to resemble an explosion and the sunglasses add the effect of an action hero; or villain whichever suits your fancy. Give this filter a try and send it to your friends or family.

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