Snapchat Lenses – The Do-Over Netflix Snapchat Lens Overview

Snapchat is being used more and more often to promote the release of movies and video games. More and more movies are using snapchat to promote their release in theaters and on online streaming services.

The Do-Over Netflix Snapchat Lens Overview

The most recent movie to promote itself on snapchat is the movie “The Do-over” This movie is a netflix original. this means that the movie was created by netflix for netflix. The do-over snapchat lens consists of a number of different features including the small pout face lens that makes you appear as though you are a sad office worker. The lens can be activated by raising your eyebrows. Once activated, a yacht will slide across the screen on a wave and you will transform into a man in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. Give this lens a try and let me know what you think by commenting below.

The do-over snapchat lens overivew

Happy Snapping!