Snapchat Lenses – The Jungle Book Snapchat Geolens 

Snapchat has been used by a number of different brands to promote a product or service. They do this by sponsoring snapchat filter or a snapchat lens. 

A number of different movies have used snapchat to promote their releases. Movies that have used snapchat to promote a release include joy, batman vs. superman, and now the jungle book. The jungle book is the modern version of the Disney cartoon. The original cartoon was based off of s book. The jungle book is a classic Disney movie that will be enjoyed by people young and old. If you are a fan of Disney movies I highly recommend this production. Below you will find a description of the jungle book snapchat lens.

Snapchat Lenses – The Jungle Book Snapchat Geolens Overview

The jungle book snapchat lens is a lens sponsored by the jungle book movie. This lens allows snapchat users to turn themselves into a character from the movie. The lens starts by adding a jungle themed border around the edge of the lens. Next the lens adds a foggy effect. Lastly, but most importantly, the snapchat lens enlarges your eyes and turns them green. This lens can be activated by raising your eyebrows. Once activated, the lens will make your eyes bigger and a 3D snake will appear on screen. 

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