Snapchat Lenses – Totino’s Pizza Rolls Planet In Space Snapchat Lens 

Snapchat lenses are used by snapchat users every day. Businesses around the country use snapchat lenses to promote their business products. The most recent sponsored snapchat lens is the totino’s space snapchat lens. Below you will find a description of the totino’s pizza roll space planet snapchat lens along with an image of the lens. 

Totino’s Pizza Roll Planet In Space Snapchat Lens 

The totino’s pizza roll in space snapchat lens consists of a number of components that create the effect. The lens starts off by adding a filter around the edges of the lens. The filter creates the effect of being in space. There is even a totino’s satellite floating above your head. The lens also morphs your head to be more round and adds rings to make you look like a planet. 

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