Snapchat Lenses – Upside Down Chin Face Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Upside Down Chin Face Snapchat LensUse of snapchat lenses exploded when they were released in October 2015, and their use has not dropped off since then. Lenses are constantly updated with new lenses for users to apply to their selfies. Sometimes old lenses make an appearance and other times new lenses are created and released for use on snapchat. The upside down chin face  lens is relatively new. This filter makes it extremely easy to make your own upside down chin face. It takes away the hassle of sticking googly eyes to your chin and holding a camera upside down to capture it. Below you will find an overview of the lens and how to activate it.

Upside Down Chin Face Snapchat Lens Overview

The upside down chin face snapchat lens will be very popular with anyone. People young and old will enjoy this fun lens. When you are using the front facing camera of the snapchat app you have the option to apply this lens, along with many others, to your selfie. To apply the lens, you will need to hold your finger or thumb over your face on the screen until you see a geometric shape cover your face. This means that snapchat has scanned your face, and knows where your face is so it can line up the lens correctly. Once your face has been scanned you will be able to choose a number of lenses along the bottom of the screen. The upside down chin face lens is toward the end of the list of lenses. Once you apply this lens to your selfie you will see two eyes and a black mustache on your chin upside down. To activate the filter just raise your eyebrows and the lens will automatically flip your face over and zoom in on your mouth without you lifting a finger. Once the filter is applied you will have your upside down chin face on the screen without any hassle whatsoever. Your upside down chin face lens will even give your chin face its very own tuxedo. This filter is lots of fun. Try lip syncing to some music and send the videos to your friends.

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Snapchat Lenses - Upside Down Chin Face Snapchat Lens

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