Snapchat Lenses – X-ray Skeleton Skull Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - X-ray Skeleton Skull Snapchat Lens  The x-ray skeleton skull snapchat lens is one of the cooler lenses available on snapchat. This lens was used heavily during the month of October, for obvious reasons (Halloween). This lens allows snapchat users to turn themselves into a skeleton. The lens creates a look that makes you look like an x-ray film. This lens is also able to be activated. This means that when activated the lens offers you an extra surprise. Below you will find a description of the x-ray skeleton skull snapchat lens as well as a tutorial on how to activate the lens once you have applied it to your selfies.

X-ray Skeleton Skull Snapchat Lens Overview 

The X-ray Skeleton Skull snapchat lens is a lens that allows you to take an X-ray of yourself. The lens shows a skeleton skull that is surrounded by a black background. This lens consists of a negative style filter that makes your body and face look lighter compared to the darker background. This filter creates a kind of X-ray Look. The filter also consists of an animated skeleton skull that covers your head. The skeleton skull follows your head movements fairly well. This lens can be activated by opening your mouth. When the lens is activated the skeleton’s jaw will open up and appear to be opening its mouth with yours. The movement of the jaw is not as smooth as the movement of the face’s mouths in the face swap lens, but it works out pretty well.

The X-ray Skeleton Skull snapchat lens can be applied by opening the front facing camera then holding down on the screen on your face. Once snapchat has scanned your face, you will be presented with a number of snapchat lenses on the bottom of the screen. The X-ray Skeleton Skull lens is the icon with the smiley face with a faint blue skull shape covering it.

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