Snapchat Lenses – Zebra Face Snapchat Lens 

 Snapchat lenses have been around for a while now. Since the release of the original snapchat lenses, new lenses have been released every day. There have been a number of animal themed lenses.

Animal themed snapchat lenses work like a mask that covers the snapcjat users face. However, the mouth of the mask follows the motion of the persons face which makes the mask more realistic. Some lenses that resemble animals are the panda, raccoon, and zebra snapchat lenses. Below you will find a description of the zebra snaphat lens along with an image of the lens applied. 

Zebra Face Snapchat Lens Overview

The zebra face snapchat lens allows snapchat users to turn themselves into a zebra. The lens creates the zebra effect by adding a zebra mask to the snapchat users face. This mask creates the effect of zebra stripes and a zebra nose. The mouth of the lens moves with the mouth of the snapchat user. The zebra lens also adds a pair of zebra ears on top of the snapchat users head. 
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