Snapchat Live Story – Kentucky Derby 2016 Live Snapchat Story

Snapchat live stories give snapchat users a look at some of the most entertaining events around the world. These live stories are comprised of snaps taken by people at the event. All of these snaps are strung together to create a live story of the event for snapchat users to watch.

The 2016 Kentucky derby will be the 142nd race at the Churchill Downs. The event will be broadcasted on television starting at four o’clock pm. The Kentucky derby will also have its own live snapchat story that snapchat users will be able to follow from the mobile app. The story is comprised of a number of snaps from the event. The story is being provided by the NBC news network. The story consists of views behind the scenes. There are snaps of celebrities that are attending the race as well as a look at the horses before the race begins. The Kentucky derby live snapchat story can be viewed on the discovery page of your snapchat app. You may notice a number of filters applied to the snaps at the Kentucky derby. These filters will not be available to people who are not attending the race. Make sure you watch the Kentucky Derby Live snapchat story this evening to get a little extra coverage of the race. I believe it will be interesting to see the race from this new unique perspective.

kentucky derby snapchat live story

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