Snapchat Memories – How To See Other People’s Snapchat Memories

Snapchat recently created a new feature that allows snapchat users to post to a section of the app called snapchat memories. These memories can be viewed forever and imported from your camera roll. This feature is a big step for snapchat because the posts do not dissapear from the memories. The snaps and pictures will stay on the snapchat memory until they are deleted. A popular question that is asked about snapchat memories is “can I see other people’s snapchat memories?”, if so “how do I see other people’s snapchat memories?” 

In this article I will discuss the topic of viewing other snapchat users memories. And how to do it if possible. Comment below what you think about snapchat memories. 

Can I See Other People’s Sbapchat Memories?

As soon as snapchat memories came out I started asking the question “can I see other people’s Sbapchat memories” it has taken me a few days of tinkering around with snapchat memories to discover that you cannot see someone else’s snapchat memories unless they show them to you. This is a very big let down to a lot of people but it makes sense. Snapchat is not trying to copy Instagram with this feature, it is only trying to make it easier for its users to share moments in their snapchat story. 

At first I thought others could see my snapchat memories because there is an option to add pictures to my eyes only. By this feature is just to protect some sensitive images from being seen by others while you show them your snapchat memories. 

How to See Someone Else’s Snapchat Memories

In order to see other snapchat users Sbapchat memories you must either have them show you the memories, or somehow log onto their account to see them. Snapchat memories are only visible from the snapchat users account. Comment below what you think about snapchat memories!

Happy Snapping!

3 thoughts on “Snapchat Memories – How To See Other People’s Snapchat Memories”

  1. I am personally not a fan of Memories, and Snapchat is one of my favorite apps ever! I like it way more than Instagram. (Insta is too pretentious!)

    Don’t get me wrong, I like being able to save my snaps, but that has already been a feature for a while now, the little arrow button at the bottom of your snap would let you save to your camera roll. Now it saves to Memories, and THEN I have to go into Memories and save it to my camera roll. It creates additional steps, I don’t like it. If I want to show a friend an old snap I can just send it to them directly from my camera roll.

    My favorite thing about Snapchat is it temporariness, sharing teeny snippets of your day and then poof, it’s gone, like real life moments are. As opposed to Insta which is the opposite, putting everything on an artsy pedestal making things look way better than they are by filtering the beejeezus out of everything. (IG just makes me salty, lol, I’ll shut up now.)

  2. I love the memories feature because it saves my pictures and videos within in the App itself instead of my camera roll, so no more struggling with memory and a cluttery camera roll which I had to clean all the time

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