Snapchat Message And Facetime – How To Use


Snapchat has been updated and now gives you two great new features. These features create a new Snapchat experience that will leave the former version looking like a pile of dirt. These additions add two features that have previously been released; but Snapchat adds its own twist to them.S
The first new feature is messaging. Messaging has been around for quite some time but now snapchat has created its own version. To access the snapchat messaging, you swipe right from the camera screen. Then swipe right again across the user you would like to message with. You can then either message the user you have selected, or send them a picture from your camera roll. When you send a picture from your camera roll, the recipient can view the photo as long as they want. But when they exit the messaging section then return it will be gone. Like a traditional snap. The messages do the same. Once both parties have viewed the message it will be removed. Unless either the sender or the recipient taps on a message or photo. If someone taps a message or photo it will be saved, until they tap it again.
The other new addition is Snapchat facetime. This feature allows you to facetime with other Snapchat users. To do so, both users must be in the messaging section. Once this occurs the yellow rectangle at the right of the text box will turn blue. To facetime, both users must hold their finger on the blue button. You must continue to hold your finger on the screen for the facetime to continue. Unless you lock the camera in either the front or back facing position by sliding your finger to the top or bottom of the screen. Sliding your finger to the top will use the normal camera. Sliding your finger to the bottom will cause your front facing camera to activate.
These new features can be kind of fun. So go play with them, and let me know what you think.

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