Snapchat Streak – Why Did My Snapchat Streak Dissapear?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows you to send pictures and videos to friends that can only be viewed once. You can also send instant messages and even video chat live. One of the most beloved features of Snapchat is the Snapchat Streak.


What Is A Snapchat Streak?

Snapchat users may notice a fire emoji next to some of their friends names in snapchat. The fire emoji represents a streak. A streak in snapchat is defined as three days in a row in which you and a friend snap each other. The number next to the streak tells you how many consecutive days you and a friend have snapped each other. The fire emoji streak will appear when you have snapped three days in a row. Once you have started a streak the goal is to keep the streak alive for as long as possible. Many people try to keep their streaks going for as long as possible. Sometimes the streaks will end even if you have still snapped the person. Below you will find the answer to why did my snapchat streak disappear.

Why Did My Snapchat Streak Disappear? 

There are a number of different ways a snapchat streak can end. The most common way for a streak on snapchat to dissapear is because someone didn’t remember to snap. It only takes one missed day for a snapchat streak to end. Sometimes your snapchat streak will end even if you snap someone. This is because your either you or your friend didn’t snap back to your snap. Even if you snap your friend your streak could still end. It is unfortunate but one slip up could end your 300+ day streak on snapchat. Snapchat streaks are fun to keep going. So when one dissapears it makes you want to get a higher streak on snapchat.

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  1. Hi if my friend goes on holiday and I snap them everyday but they don’t snap back will I still loose our streak

    1. Yeah, they have to send you at least one a day, (same to you for them), in order to keep the streak

  2. If my friend snapchats me and i dont open the snap but i snapchat them back do i still keep my streak?

  3. I snapped my best friend yesterday and we got to 100, now today it’s gone?? Is there a way to get it back?!

    1. It happend to me aswell my friends can see our streak but i can’t and all of my streaks went invisible at the same time but they are still active

  4. Hi my friends Snapchat account is locked for a day and we have a 103 day snap streak so will we lose this snap streak??

  5. If I change phone but keep my memory card and those, think it will dissapear? Or will it be kept If I log in on te same account?

    1. No! My friend went on vacation and I’m logging into his account everyday to keep the streaks going as long as you know your username and password which can be ajusted in settings you should be fine:)

    1. Just GP to settings on youtube phone and set the time to 1d back, send a snap and then set back to today!

  6. Both my friend and I sent snaps. We both actually sent multiple pictures yet we lost our 96 day streak. How could that happen?

    1. We and my bf lost our 46 day streak and we don’t know how it’s even possible because we send multiple snaps to each other every day

  7. I have lost 5 streaks from this so far and whenever I look it shows that the day before we both snapchatted eachother so how is it possible we lost our streak

  8. Hi. I was on a streak with my friend and than we were on 194 and than it disappeared but we did streak in the morning and this night and I have noticed it has disappeared?? Why

  9. My friend and me are at 54 and I still have mine but hers disappeared. How did mine stay and hers go?? We both snapped each other over 40 times today and then she noticed hers went away. Why did hers go away??

  10. Sometimes my friend tells me noooo we lost our streak but then on my phone it says we havnt then it appears back on her phone again weird right ?!

  11. Hey I had a snapchat streak! We talked in the 24 hours and it still disappeared! Not impressed at all can you please help get it back?

  12. I had a 24 day streak with someone and when we started talking on the texting part of snapchat not with pictures, we lost it why is that???

  13. Once ou have a strike going all you have to do is send a pic and it we’ll change by itslef or do you have to keep sending pic tell you see the number change ??

    1. I just lost our 102 streak despite exchanging text, snap, vdo snap etc. i lost amore in keeping a streak again – DO SOMETHING WITH IT SNAPCHAT – like a sort of snapping rapidly to recover the days lost and bring it back to its number in streak bavk!

  14. Me and my friends SC streak disappeared even when we would Reply to each other’s SC daily and message for hours why did this happen?

  15. Me and my friend were at a 100 day streak today and we both sent streaks to EACHOTHER and it disappears can I get it back???

  16. Me and my friend snap chatted each other yesterday and we reached a 99 snap streak. Today was meant to be our 100th day but it just disappeared, this doesn’t make sense as I wake up early to do my streaks and do them every day. I’m even doing my other friends streaks while they’re on holiday, I’m not pleased about this I’ve seen many people who have the same problem so maybe snapchat should fix the streaks a bit?

  17. I had a snap streak with my partner of 179 and then I snapped her all night and it didn’t change! Is there a way I can get it back or phone them to tell them how disappointed I am?

  18. Alright so me and my friend had a 77 day streak on Snapchat but then it disappeared we snapped each other that day I snapped her she snapped me and the little hourglass thing did not show up so therefore we were not going to lose our streak then I woke up this morning and sent her a snap and it wasn’t there please give me back my streak because we did not lose it you took it

  19. I just lost my 306 day snapstreak with my bestfriend because my snapchat was lagging and I couldn’t answer! Is it possible to get it back somehow? Because thus both ruined our days and it’s all because of my shitty phone! Can I somehow report this to snapchat and they gove it back?

    1. me and my friends chatted at night and when i woke up in the morning it disappeared, i wish the streak was there forever and u could miss a day or week and it still stay the same until you snap each other back and it goes to the next day you had of what the streak was on

  20. I had a 50 day streak and we snapped all day and somehow lost are streak .. how could this have happened???

  21. By reading your comments I just realised something. Depending on where you live the time zones will be different than snapchats (I’m not sure how it works because it’s done on a 24 time zone) Make sure you snap every day and night and it will garentue to work

  22. i lost my phone earlier today around 2:30-2:40 pm and i have to wait till tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning to get it back, do you think my streaks will disappear or will they be fine because i really don’t wanna lose my streaks for my 3rd time…

  23. Do I have to open the other persons Snapchat for the streak to stay? Because my friend is on holiday and I’m doing her streaks for her. What if one of her friend sends her something that she needs to see.

  24. My snap chat streaks disappeared after 219 days even i snapped the person everyday withen 24 hrs, but the heart emoji is next to the persons name not the number i dont get it why nd how can i het my streaks back with the same person asap

  25. Two of my snap chat streaks died and I’m not sure why because we both snapped each other every day as normal, is there any way you can give our streak back to us??

  26. if i send good morning streaks but forgot to do my night ones, and do my morning ones the same as always the next day, will my streaks end?

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