Snapchat Update 12/16/15- Super Fast Forward Filter / Explore Live Stories

Snapchat Update - Super Fast Forward On December sixteenth Snapchat updated its mobile app. Some of the new features include an even faster fast filter, the ability to combine filters, and a way to view similar snaps from the live story feed. These features add to the Snapchat experience and snappers will be happy about the new abilities the update offers. These new features are available to snappers who update their app to the version of Snapchat.


Snapchat Update December 2015 – Super Fast Forward Filter

Snapchat Update - Super Fast Filter The first feature of the 12/16/15 update of Snapchat is the super fast filter for videos. This filter is similar to the regular fast filter that was added in the last update, only it is even faster. This filter can make anyone run faster than the fastest Olympic sprinter. To deploy this filter, just take a video by holding down the capture button. Then, once you have recorded your video, swipe from left to right across your screen twice. This is the fastest route to the super fast filter. If you want to combine the super fast filter with other filters, you can swipe over to the super fast filter then hold the thumb of your other hand above the speaker in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. While holding your thumb in the bottom left corner, use your other hand to swipe to a second filter to add. You can repeat this process to add up to five filters to your snap video.

Snaphat Update December 2015 – Explore Live Stories

The biggest feature of the December 2015 update of Snapchat is the ability to view similar snaps in select live stories. This feature is called explore live. Not all stories in the live story have the option to view similar snaps. When viewing a live story on the story page look for the word “Explore” in the snap. When you see “Explore” swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top and you will be presented with another view of the same scene from another point of view. This feature will be great for sporting events as well as any other events that catch your eye when viewing a live story. Now users will have the option to see more of what they want. To return back to the original live story, just swipe from top to bottom on the screen and you will be back where you left off in the story.

Those are the major changes made in the December 2015 update of Snapchat. Go check them out and take them for a test drive.

Happy Holidays Snappers!