Snapchat Update 2.0 March 2016 – How to Get Snapchat Stickers

Snapchat was updated on March 29th 2016. The update included a few new features including audio call, snapchat notes, and snapchat stickers. All of these features are in the messaging section of the snapchat app and are available for all snapchat users around the world.

how to get snapchat stickers

Snapchat stickers are snapchat’s version of emojis. Before the March 2016 snapchat update, you could use the traditional emojis as stickers that you could expand, make smaller, tilt and add to your snapchat posts and selfies. Now snapchat has released its own line of emoji stickers that feature three different characters. There is a dog, a cat, and a sloth. Below you will find instructions on how to get the snapchat stickers.

Snapchat Update 2.0 March 2016 – How to Get Snapchat Stickers

The snapchat stickers are snapchat’s version of emojis. To get the snapchat stickers you first need to be sure that you have updated the snapchat app to the snapchat 2.0 update. Next you will need to go to the messaging page of the snapchat app. To get here, choose which contact you’d like to send the sticker too, then swipe right across their name. This will bring you to the messaging page for that contact. Here you will find that there are a number of icons below the text box where you would type a message to your friend on snapchat. To send a sticker, tap the icon to the far right of the icon list. It will look like a smiley face. When you tap this icon, you will be presented with a wide variety of snapchat stickers to add to your snacphat message. To add a sticker just tap the one you want and it will be added to your message.

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