Snapchat Update 2.0 March 2016 – How to Use Audio Call on Snapchat

Snapchat completely updated their mobile app on March 29th 2016. The new update has a number of new features that enhance the snapchat experience and allow users to get more out of their experience. The new features include audio calls and snapchat stickers. In this Article I will be discussing the audio call feature of the new March 2016 snapchat update.

How to Use Audio Call on Snapchat

Audio call has been around for ages. You can audio call through a number of different apps but now it is possible to do so through your snapchat account. For the audio call feature on the new snapchat update to work you need to have an internet connection that will allow your call to be clear. This feature will not require a carrier such as verizon or at&t to work. You will just need a mobile device and wifi. Below you will find instructions on how to use the audio call feature on snapchat.

Snapchat Update 2.0 March 2016 – How to Use Audio Call on Snapchat 

Audio call on snapchat is one of the new features of the 2.0 snapchat update. Audio call allows snapchat users to call one another with only audio, similar to a phone call only the call is routed through the internet instead of a phone line. To use audio call you must first select the snapchat user you would like to call. This is done by going to your inbox or feed then swiping right on the contact you’d like to call. When this is done, you will be prompted with the message screen for the selected contact. Below the text box you will find a number of icons. The icon for audio call is the one that looks like a phone. This icon can also be used to leave notes. To start an audio call just tap the phone icon once. Once the person you are audio calling joins the call you will be able to talk with them through snapchat.

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