Snapchat Update Prediction 2016 – How to View Snapchat Stories Without Adding Them

snapchat update 2016Snapchat, since 2011, has undergone a number of major updates. Since the first release features such as messaging, live video sharing, sending money, snapcodes, and live lenses have improved the snapchat mobile app. In the last major update live lenses that followed the movement of your face were the main addition and they immediately became extremely popular. Users were sending these lenses back and forth for days. The hype has since died and you now have to pay a dollar for some of the live snapchat lenses. Snappers are looking forward to the next big update. What will this update have in store for the snapchat world? Only time will tell. In this article I will share my opinions on what snapchat should add in the first 2016 update.

Snapchat Update Prediction 2016 – How to View Snapchat Stories Without Adding Them

Snapchat keeps adding more and more filters that will continue to enhance the snapchat experience. Some features that could be added in the 2016 snapchat update include more live lenses for users, and the ability to view other users stories without adding them. It is a guarantee that there will be more live lenses available and that will occur with almost every update. The ability to view other users stories without adding them, however, is not so much guaranteed. This feature would make snapchat more like instagram or other social media accounts. This would allow users to see what users are posting before they make the commitment of adding them. Along with this ability, users would be able to make their stories private so that users would not be able to view stories without adding the user.

There is currently the ability to choose who can view your stories. You can choose to only show your story to people who you have added back, or you can set it so that anyone who adds you will be able view your story. With the update, users would be able to view the story without adding the user. The user that posted the story would still be shown that the person viewed it but the person would not be forced to add the user.

This is just my prediction of what an update in 2016 could bring. This is not an actual feature yet but if it ever becomes a feature it will be officially written about here. Look for my other snapchat Update predictions. Add me by scanning my snapcode at the top of the post and let me know what other features should be added to snapchat.

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