Snapchat Filters

How Many Filters Can Be Added to a Picture on Snapchat?On this page you will find a collection of every Snapchat filter that has ever been available nation wide that since 12/25/15. Each post will have a description of the filter as well as an image of the filter. The filters are in chronological order. Feel free to add me by my snap code and send me snaps with a new filter and it may get featured on this page. I hope you can find what you are looking for. Happy snapping!

April 2016 Snapchat Filters 

Happy Siblings Day Snapchat Filter 

Fire Snapchat Filter 

March 2016 Snapchat Filters 

Easter Snapchat Filter 2016

February 2016 Snapchat Filters

Happy Cereal Day Cheerios Snapchat Filter

Leap Year 2016 Snapchat Filter

Damnnn Daniel Snapchat Filter

Update-able Democratic and Republican Snapchat Filter

Tinder Swipe Right Material Snapchat Filter 

Snap Me Valentine’s Day Snapchat Filter 

Be My Galentine Snapchat Filter 

Love Myself How to Be Single Snapchat Filter 

A Trip to Unicorn Island Snapchat Filter

National Pizza Day Snapchat Filter

Safe Internet Day Snapchat Filter

Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter

Only The Strong Will Survive X-Men Apocalypse Snapchat Filter

What a Superb Owl Party Deadpool Filter On Snapchat

Deadpool Filter on Snapchat 

Black History Month Filter on Snapchat 

Waiting For Groundhog Day Like… Snapchat Filter

January 2016 Snapchat Filters

Shhhh Pretty Little Liars Filter on Snapchat

If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter on Snapchat

Honda Civic They See Me Rollin Filter

December 2015 Snapchat Filters 

Kung Fu Panda Happy Almost New Year Filter 

The Beatles Join The Club Filter 2

The Beatles All You Need Is Love Filter

The Beatles Join The Club Filter 1

Joy Movie Filter 

DJ Khaled Another One Christmas Filter