Snapwire iPhone App – Make Money Selling Pictures Online


Have you ever dreamed that you could have a second income in the field of photography? Do you take unique, high quality photographs? If so Snapwire is worth a try. Snapwire is a platform where photographers of all skill levels can compete in challenges posted by other users or corporations. The winners of the challenges win a cash reward offered by the challenge poster. 

How it Works

Snapwire allows its users to buy and sell photographs online. Depending on the level of the photographer and the size of the image the prices can range from five dollars to hundreds of dollars. The payment is made by a direct deposit to the photographers bank account. If your pictures are good enough and you enter in enough challenges you could earn a decent salary just through this service. 
 You start off by making an account and setting up your profile. When you create your profile you have the option to set a profile picture as well as a background header. You will enter a location where you are from and choose a style. You can choose up to ten styles so that other photographers can get an idea of your approach to photography. You can compose a creative statement as well to better describe your style. The second to last step in setting up your profile is to connect your Snapwire account to an Instagram account; if you have one. 
Now you can upload the money makers, your photographs. You can post whatever you want to your profile. When you first start out you will be at the Explorer level. At this level your photographs can only sell for between five dollars and seventy five dollars. Just posting the photographs on your profile won’t get potential customers eyeballs on the pictures. To really get people interested in paying for the images you will want to enter the images in challenges created by either other photographers or companies. A good strategy to use is to look at challenges that have recently been posted then uploading pictures to your profile that match the challenges as apposed to just posting random photographs you have taken. 

 Photo Editing

On the Snapwire mobile app for iPhone, you will also have a powerful photo editing tool that can be used to enhance your photographs and make them look more professional. There are preset filters as well as manual editing tools. The manual editing tools are some of the best you will find on a mobile app. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. You can turn a dull picture into something much more vibrant and eye catching. To adjust the different editing tools you just slide your finger to the left or right across the photograph. A dial of sorts will appear over the image to show you how much you have altered the picture. There is also a way to compare the original image to the edited image. This is done by pressing the button at the top center of the editing screen. 
After about a week of messing around with this app and service I have found it to be a very effective photo editing tool. It is now my go to app for editing my photos. Give it a try and you might just be able to earn a little extra money.