Sniper vs. Thieves Tips and Strategies How to Escape Every Time!

Within this article you will find a good collection of information related to the mobile game Sniper vs. Thieves. In this article you will find instructions on how to play Sniper vs. Thieves along with some tips and strategies that will help you shoot all four thieves and escape every time when you are a thief. 

Sniper vs. Thieves is an extremely addictive game created by Playstack Games. Sniper vs. Thieves is currently the number fourteen most popular free app on the Apple App Store. This game is fairly large and offers players two different styles of the game. You can be the thief or the sniper. each position has a different job and both are extremely addictive to play. The gameplay is full of close calls that will get your adrenaline pumping. The graphics in this game make the whole idea of shooting thieves a whole lot less gross than some other games. The game has sort of a caricature quality to it. If you have not already, download Sniper Vs. Thieves now and give it a try, I promise this game will live up to the hype. Below you will find instructions on how to play Sniper vs. Thieves correctly.

Sniper vs. Thieves Tips and Strategies How to Escape Every Time!

How To Play Sniper Vs. Thieves

Sniper vs. Thieves is a cool game because not only do you get one awesome game, you get two different points of view from the same game. When you first open the app you will be presented with this home screen:Sniper vs. Thieves Tips and Strategies How to Escape Every Time!

To start you will have to choose which position or team you would like to be first. You can choose from snipers or thieves. The sniper’s objective is to shoot all of the thieves before they get to their escape vehicle. The thieve’s objective is to make it to the vehicle without being shot by the sniper. Once you choose to be either a sniper or thief you will be brought to a screen that looks like this:

Sniper vs. Thieves Tips and Strategies How to Escape Every Time!
Here you will be able to add power ups and gadgets that will help you complete your objective. Once you start the game depending on what side you chose, you will need to either shoot the thieves or get away from the sniper.

When you are a Thief you must tap green arrows to run from hiding spot to hiding spot. as you run you can dodge and sprint by swiping on the screen. You will have a blue energy bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen that tells you how much longer you can sprint before you are out of energy. If you run out of energy you will start walking which makes you a sitting duck for the sniper. You can also deploy your power ups which will distract the sniper, allowing you to make a run to your next hiding spot. If you make it to the van you get to keep the cash that you stole from the bank.

When you are a Sniper you must find thieves running around using your scope. When the thief is in the crosshairs you tap the red button in the bottom right hand corner of the scope to fire the weapon. You can also zoom in and out using a slider on the right hand side of the scope. You must keep all four of the thieves from making it to their getaway vehicle. If they do, they will escape and you will miss out on the money. After each game you will be rewarded a briefcase full of gadgets, power ups, and cash. Make sure you try to open the higher value briefcases ASAP. These cases will gift you more valuable items. Below you will find some tips and strategies you can use to escape every time and kill all four thieves every time in the Sniper vs. Thieves game.

Sniper vs. Thieves Tips and Strategies

How To Get Away Every Time in Sniper vs. Thieves

If you want to get better at Sniper vs. Thieves you should employ these tactics to make sure you preform to the best of your ability. The first strategy I have for you is to help you get away every time in Snipers vs. Thieves. When you are trying to make it to the escape vehicle it is important to make sure you are always being cautious of where the sniper is shooting. Take the time to look and make sure that the sniper is focused on another thief before you run to the next obstacle. Another tip for escaping ever time is to save your power ups for when you are closer to the sniper. This way when the sniper has the easiest shots, you will have a slight advantage.

How To  Kill All Four Thieves Every Time in Sniper vs. Thieves

If you want to be a better sniper and possibly make it onto the leaderboard, you will want to follow these tips. The first tip I have to share relates to your strategy when spotting thieves. When the game initially begins you will want to immediately zoom in as far as you can and find the first thief to run. Try to get at least one hit so that it will only take one more shot to get the kill. Once the first thief that runs finds a hiding spot, zoom back out and find the next thief to run. Repeat this until they have all been killed. If there comes a point where all of the thieves are out of your sight, make sure you locate the escape van and make sure that no thieves are running in the open right below you.

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