Snow Globe Festival 2015 Snapchat Live Story 

  Snow Globe Festival 2015 Snapchat Live Story 

Last night another live snapchat story was posted on the story page of the Snapchat mobile app. The snow globe story contains a series of snaps from different users attending the annual snow globe music festival in South Lake Tahoe California. The festival is part expedition part music festival. Those who attend the festival must travel through thick snow to reach the preformances. There is also an igloo that serves as a party house for listeners. 

Where is The Snow Globe Music Festival?

The snow globe music festival is located in south Lake Taho in California. It is located in the mountains of Northern California. The area offers skiing and apparently is covered in snow this time of year. The live snaochat story shows people huddled in the snow as well as a skier performing a jump. The festival requires a trek through the snow to reach the event. This would be an interesting atmosphere for a music festival for sure. 

Check out the story in the Snapchat app if you haven’t already. 

Happy Snapping!

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