Social Media In Public Schools

Most people see social media as a distraction, but it can also be a productive tool for students in schools across the country. Social media sites can be used as a tool for students of all ages to produce projects and show their mastery of subjects. Teachers and professors use YouTube as a tool for students to upload videos of themselves acting out skits or explaining a topic. Then the students e-mail the video URL to the teacher or professor for them to view and grade.

Facebook can also be used to display a students understanding of a topic. Students can make a profile of a historic figure. Using facts and images to showcase their knowledge on the topic. The same concept can be applied to Twitter. Making an account with information accurate to a particular historic figure, then tweeting about their life and such.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites can also be used by after school clubs and teams. The clubs can display information regarding upcoming meetings, competitions, etc.. They can then post results and fun images from the meetings and events, for members to enjoy.
What new uses for social media will be applied to classrooms? Only time will tell. Smartphones are already being used in the classroom for interactive games and activities. These are more attractive to students and get them excited for the activities. These activities catch students attention because they use their phones, which is a fun twist to traditional learning. 

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