How To Get Solar Eclipse Snapchat Lens Filter August 21st, 2017

The Great American Eclipse is well on its way and people across the United States are preparing for the incredible astronomical event. On August 21st, 2017, there will be a total solar eclipse that will be seen across a majority of the United States. The eclipse will sweep the country in the afternoon. The total solar eclipse is a must see event and is on many people’s bucket list. Cities and stores across the country are preparing for the event selling viewing glasses and t-shirts for the big event. With such a big event, we can expect Snapchat to release some Snapchat lenses and Snapchat filters for their users to use while they enjoy the amazing event.

How to Get Total Solar Eclipse Snapchat Filter

Snapchat will release what is called a Snapchat Filter for almost every major event. Being that this Solar Eclipse is going to be a huge event for the country, we can expect Snapchat to release a Total Solar Eclipse Snapchat Filter. With this filter we can expect some sort of graphic relating to the eclipse, whether it be an image of the sun and the moon, or an image of an actual eclipse. We can also expect a line or two of text that reads something relating to the eclipse. Whether that be “Happy Eclipse Day” or maybe “Great American Eclipse”. Only time will tell what exactly the lens looks like. We will update you on the exact content of the Solar Eclipse Snapchat Filter as soon as Snapchat releases the Filter to the public. Some of the solar eclipse Snapchat filters have already been released on snapchat. Below you will find a sampling of some of the new Total Solar Eclipse Snapchat Filters. 

Path of totality solar eclipse Snapchat filter Time to totality solar eclipse Snapchat filter

How to Get Total Solar Eclipse Snapchat Lens

There have already been a number of solar eclipse Snapchat filters released to help celebrate the great event. Unfortunately there have not been any Snapchat Lenses released for the Total Solar Eclipse. Check back in a few hours to see if Snapchat has released any solar eclipse Snapchat lenses! 

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