Space Frontier Tips and Strategies – What is The Highest Score on Space Frontier?

Mobile games have become extremely popular in the past few years. Games have become increasingly simple to play yet remain as addictive as ever. One of the most popular game creators on the App Store today is Ketchapp. Ketchapp has created games such as Ballz, Stack, and 2048. Ketchapp’s newest hit game is called Space Frontier.

Space Frontier Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on Space Frontier

Space Frontier Game Description

Space Frontier is Ketchapp’s newest hit game. It is currently ranked as the number twenty one most popular free app on the App Store. Space frontier continues Ketchapp’s trend of releasing games that are extremely easy to play; most of Ketchapp’s games can be played with one finger. The idea behind Space Frontier is to drop pieces of your rocket before they run out of fuel to prevent your rocket from vaporizing in the stratosphere. The controls are extremely simple and anyone can achieve high scores in this fast paced game. Below you will find instructions on how to play Space Frontier and how to get a higher score.

How to Play Space Frontier on iPhoneHow to Play Space Frontier on iPhone

Space Frontier is extremely easy to play and only requires on hand. To start the game you simply tap the screen once. Once you have tapped the screen, the rocket will begin its takeoff sequence and numbers will begin to count down from three on the screen. When the countdown reaches one, the rocket will liftoff and the bottom fuel cell of the rocket will begin to exhaust itself. At the top of the fuel cell there will be a green line that indicates the optimal time to tap the screen. The idea of the game is to tap the screen right when the fuel cell reaches the green line. This way you get the maximum propulsion and get the most out of each fuel cell. Once you drop the first fuel cell, the next cell will begin to burn up. The object of the game is to wait as long as possible to drop each fuel cell. If you wait too long, the rocket will explode right where it is which will limit your score. Below you will find some tips and strategies that will allow you to achieve higher scores.

Space Frontier Tips and Strategies How to Score Higher

There are a number of strategies that you can employ to get a higher score in Space Frontier. The first and most simple one is to make sure that you should wait until the very last second to drop the previous fuel cell. If you tap the screen and you get a response that says “Ok” then you are not waiting long enough. If you wait long enough to tap you will get an “awesome” response. This means that you got the most out of the fuel cell. The second tip we have for you today is to try to save up coins to get bigger and badder rockets. Different rockets make it easier or harder for you to achieve higher scores. You can also upgrade your rocket before each launch. Try to upgrade your rocket as much as you can to gain higher scores. Check out the highest score recorded below!

What is The Highest Score in Space Frontier?

Space Frontier gives any player the opportunity to achieve the highest score. There are so many incredible scores out there, but there is only one top score. To get the highest score this player upgraded their rocket many times and also experimented with different rockets. The highest score ever achieved in Space Frontier is 11,908. This score was earned on August 10th Comment below if you have seen or have earned a higher score than this and we will update the new score!

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