Tank.io Tips and Strategies – How To Upgrade Your Tank in Tank.io

Tank.io is a game that has a similar purpose and actually has the same creators as snake.io. The object in both of these games is to destroy different shapes and other tanks that are in the same area. In this article I will be discussing some strategies that will help you stay alive longer and have more fun playing Tank.io.

how to play tank.io

How to Play Tank.io

When you first play Tank.io You might be a little confused. The object of the game is not clearly defined but it is to simply survive and destroy as much as you can. There are two joysticks you use to control your tank. The left joystick controls the tanks direction. The joystick to the right controls aiming the gun and firing. To shoot in Tank.io simply hold your thumb on the right joystick and aim by moving the joystick. When you destroy a shape or another tank you earn points to level up. When the bar at the bottom of the screen is full you will level up and get a point you can use to upgrade your tank. You can upgrade your tank’s speed, strength, health, and even the rate that it turns. When you reach a high enough level you can also choose a barrel upgrade that shoots a bigger shot, two shots at once, or even three shots at once. Below you can find out how to get a tank that shoots three shots at once.

Tank.io Tips and Strategies – How to Get a Tank With Three Barrels?

In the game Tank.io it is possible to get a tank with three barrels. To get this tank you need to destroy enough shapes on the playing field to level up to that level. When you level up enough you will be able to get either a tank with two barrels or a tank with a large barrel. If you level up even higher than that, you will be able to get a tank with three barrels that shoot at the same time.

Tank.io Strategies 

There are a few different strategies that you can use to help yourself get a higher score in Tank.io. The first one I will talk about is upgrading the strength of your tank first. If you upgrade your strength first you will be able to take out targets faster and level up to a more powerful tank. The next strategy is to avoid other tanks. Do not purposely engage another tank because that will slow down your progress and may end up getting yourself shot down.

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  1. What I’d recommend is going to the small 2 barrels at level 10 then at level 26 choose the three barrels close together and then… If you make it this far at level 40 pike the five barrels that are all squished together, this shots five bullets at slightly spread angles. If you face your enemies when they shoot at you you 90% of the time block the bullet

  2. If you believe in your accuracy, then I would recommend leveling your tanks damage and then reload speed. After that, be the sniper. Avoid other tanks though, as the sniper with only one cannon makes it hard for you to kill someone. Then, at level 26, choose the tank with the two giant cannons side by side. Now at this point, you can kill just about every class, so rack up levels by aiming for other tanks. When you reach level 40, choose the tank with the 3 giant cannons. This way you have 3 huge bullets that individually penetrate 2 bullets before disappearing. Basically, the only class you have to worry about is the same as yours.

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