Thanksgiving Turkey Snapchat Lens Filter 2016

There are snapchat lenses and Filters for nearly every holiday around the world. Being that it is Thanksgiving in the United States, Snapchat has released its lenses and filters for their users to apply to their snaps. There are a number of different Thanksgiving snapchat lenses available ranging from official snapchat snapchat lenses and filters to sponsored lenses and filters.

Happy Thanksgiving Snapchat Filter 2016

The Thanksgiving day snapchat filter was released at midnight last night the thanksgiving snapchat filter consists of a number of elements that create a great symbol of Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving snapchat filter contains of a basket as well as pumpkins, sunflowers, other vegetables, and fall leaves. The entire filter has a color scheme of orange, red, yellow and dark green. Above all of these items is a banner that says Happy Thanksgiving in a cheerful font. There is also another thanksgiving snapchat filter sponsored by target.

Thanksgiving Turkey Snapchat Lens Filter 2016
How to Get the Thanksgiving Raining Leaves Snapchat Lens 

The Thanksgiving snapchat lens allows for people to add some thanksgiving effects to their snaps this Thanksgiving. There are a number of different lenses for snapchat users to choose from. Ranging from turkey head lenses to raining leaves. The raining leaves snapchat lens is s little difficult to get to. To get the raining leaves thanksgiving snapchat lens you must activate snapchat lenses then scroll all the way past the face swap snapchat lens. All of the front facing and environment snapchat lenses will be at the very end of the snapchat lens list. The turkey head snapchat lens is sponsored by macy’s. Make sure you give all of the thanksgiving day snapchat lenses and filters a try this holiday.

Thanksgiving Turkey Snapchat Lens Filter 2016

Happy Snapping!


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