The Conjuring 2 Hidden Messages 

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for the movie the conjuring 2.

The movie The Conjuring 2 was a very well thought out movie. According to the producers this movie was based off of a real paranormal case. This is true. The haunting portrayed in the conjuring 2 was positively a real case. Whether or not the case was true or not is up to you to decide. The real story behind the conjuring 2 is portrayed very realistically in the movie. There are some other parts of the movie that hold hidden messages for people watching the movie to pick up on. 

The Conjuring 2 Hidden Measages

If you have seen the movie you recall the ending when Lorraine Warren is scrambling to figure out the demon’s name. She finds the demons name scratched into her bible from an earlier scene. However the demon’s name (Valak) is put into plain view a few different times throughout the conjuring 2. The first time is when Lorraine is sitting at the table in her dining room. In the background you can see decorative letters that spell out Valak. The next time the name is shown is when Lorraine is sitting reading her bible. The name Valak is spelled out in decorative letters in the book case. It can also be seen in the beaded necklace that Loraine’s daughter is making.

If you know of any other hidden messages or foreshadowing in the conjuring 2, please share them in the comments below. 

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  1. I noticed another one: in the same scene where Lorraine is sitting in the dinning table, behind her in the wall is a heart with the word loVe (with a capital v) and below it is the word alak.

  2. Un the scene of the dining room, not just in the love one the name Valak appears, Valak appears on the other side with an A turned and Alak.

  3. It’s also in homemade art pieces (obviously made by the daughter) leaning against the dining room window.
    *this is probably one of the four already mentioned…*

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