The Dark Side Of Social Media

I have found social media as a tool to promote my content, myself, and my interests. Some people have found other ways to use it. There are the people that sell fake followers. I don’t understand why people would even want to buy followers in the first place when they can just get their own. There are also the people that just don’t know how to use social media. If you go to a community for a certain duck related television show, you will see what I mean. These people post things that People just don’t care about. Here is an example: “I missed it :(” Are you kidding me. How does that help me or entertain me. If they are going to do that go back to facebook. But I guess I could just not go to the community but their are some interesting articles about the show in the community. Another type of Google plus user that annoys me is the people that use Emoji’s. Why do you want to let people know that you are feeling excited. If you are, great, keep it to your self. Unless you are going to share why you are feeling excited, don’t. Do these people bother anybody else.

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