The Importance of Links to Your Website

The Importance of Links to Your Website The Importance of Links to Your Website

Links are extremely important to the success of your content and your website as a whole. Without links you will have a very hard time gaining authority with the search engine giant, Google. If you can’t gain authority, you can’t rank in search, and if you can’t rank in search you will be missing out on a huge pool of potential traffic for your content. In this brief article I will discuss a few points that will stress the importance of gaining links from other websites to your website.

Links and SEO

Links are vastly powerful when it comes to search engine optimization. Links are the most fool proof way to show Google that your content is worthy of a quality ranking in search. Why is this? When your content is linked to by other websites, it shows Google that other people find your information of high enough quality to share with their visitors. The more links your content receives, the more authority your content and website earn. The more authority your website earns, the easier it will be for your website to rank higher for your desired keywords.

Links and Traffic

When your content is linked to it is much more likely to rank in search. A side affect of ranking in search is going to be large amounts of traffic. If you rank front page in Google search you will immediately begin to gain large amounts of traffic. Not only will you gain traffic from the rank you earn by attaining links, but you will also gain traffic from the links themselves. The links will bring in traffic from the website the link is from. Depending on the website, this could potentially bring in thousands of viewers a day. Links are beneficial to any website whether it be a business website or just for personal use. Links will lead to more traffic to your website, which could potentially lead to more links, which will bring in even more traffic. It is a cycle that will bring in more traffic to your website.

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