The Secret Life of Pets Snapchat Filter

There have been a number of different movies that have used snapchat lenses and filters  to promote the rerelease of their movies. The most recent movie is The Secret Life Of Pets.

The movie the Secret Life Of Pets has created a snapchat filter that helps promote the release of the movie. The movie will be released in theaters on July 8th. I have a feeling there will be a high demand for this movie on Netflix as well when that time comes. Below you will find a description of the secret life of pets; the secret life of my pet snapchat filter along with an image of the filter. 

The Secret Life Of Pets Sbapchat Filter

The idea behind the secret life of pets snapchat lens is to promote the release of the movie. This filter is also fun to use on snaps with your pet. The filter consists of a red banner at the top that reads “the secret life of my pet”. At the bottom of the filter is the movie logo along with all the major characters from the movie.

Happy Snapping!

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