The Shallows Hidden Messages – What Is The Name Of The Beach in The Shallows?

The movie the shallows is about a surfer named Nancy who is attacked by a massive great white shark while surfing on a secret beach. 

What Is The Name Of The Beach in The Shallows?

Throughout the film Nancy asks locals about the name of this secret beach where nancy’s mother first found out she was pregnant with Nancy. She called the beach “their beach” (Nancy and her mother’s). When Nancy asks Carlos for the name of the beach he replies “this is paradise”.  Viewers could take Carlos’s response as the actual name of the beach, or it could be Carlos in awe of the beauty of the beach just avoiding the question. Even later in the movie Nancy asks a local surfer what the name of the secluded beach is. His response is “if I told you I’d have to kill you” this response is both ironic and frustrating for viewers of The Shallows. At the end of the movie we are given no definite answer to the question of what the name of the beach in the movie The Shallows is called. However there is one last possibility that could tell us the name of the beach in the movie The Shallows is the title of the film. Maybe, just maybe, the beach is known as “the shallows”. This would make sense because it could be the name of the surf spot and it is the title of the movie. There is no way to know for sure but I believe that the name of the beache in the movie the shallows is “the shallows”. 

Let me know what you think the beach is called by commenting below. 

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  1. Thank you! Glad I’m not the only one who left the theater flustered that they didn’t (apparently) reveal the name of the beach. My wife thought it was “The Shallows” too, but to me that seems to be kind of a lame name to be so mysterious about the entire movie and whose name the characters refuse to tell the protagonist. “The Shallows?” As in shallow water?…Seriously? Figured it’d be something like “Shark’s Cove” or “Blood Bay” or something awesome like that. Overall, it’s an incredibly great movie, BUT I was very frustrated that they left that detail unspoken.

  2. I think the name of the beach is “Shark Cove” and the locals did not want to reveal the perils of the glorious setting.

    1. i don’t think the beach is called Neds beach in Australia because when she was looking at the photos of her mom it said mexico on it

  3. If it is called the “Shark Cove” then why is it, the 2 surfers said “There’s no Shark here?” Before they were attack? According to some, yes it is called “the shallows” or “las aguas poco profundas” where a rogue shark or tiburon is occasionally stray and bring its food into the shallows to eat it peacefully, till Nancy bump into it and disturbs the feeding ground. The beach name is never revealed because no one really knows cause it is a secret beach where locals don’t want to spoil the beauty of it and preserve it against tourists that may destroy it. Yes, it is only called “The Shallows” in el Paraiso or “The Paradise”.

  4. I feel like it is not the shallows, since it is a mexican beach in the movie! Good theory though but indeed, it sucks that this detail was left unspoken.

  5. the article proof:

    The Shallows filmed on Lord Howe Island
    May 29, 2016
    The new block buster film The Shallows starring the Blake Lively was filmed on location at Lord Howe Island.
    The story is of a young pro surfer named Nancy Adams (Blake Lively). Nancy is a student at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, and is surfing at a secluded beach called “Paradise”. Nancy becomes stranded on a reef out crop meters from shore after a great white shark knocks here off her surf board. She now has to find a way to get safely back to shore without getting attacked by the great white.
    The movie has visually stunning shots of the island. Fortunately the island only has small reef sharks, and the swimming and snorkeling areas of the island are enclosed by a large reef and lagoon. Making it impossible for large sharks to venture close. So don’t let the movie scare you off.
    Blake’s Lord Howe Island accommodation while on the island was nothing but the best. They stayed at Arajilla Retreat.



  6. I honestly thought “Tiburon” -which is Spanish for “Shark” I thought Carlos said “Paradise” but then clearly she asked again and the whole “If I told you I’d have to kill you” gives hints of legend, secrets outsiders “non-natives” are allowed to be told…

  7. I think Carlos said ‘Paradise’ and that was clear but then she asked him again what the name is and he remains quiet or said something else to add mystery and frustration adding to the mystery for viewers. I believe the island is called Paradise.

  8. My guess: the name of the beach is: La Playa de la Muerte (Death Beach). For that reason Carlos did not mention the name to Nancy, to avoid spooking her and ruining her experience. Then later on when Nancy asks the local surfer he says “If I told you I’d have to kill you” because the name of the beach is Muerte (Death).

  9. This is a little off topic but did anyone think that the moral of the story was about greed or was I just reading to much into it? The reason why I say that is because the shark already had a huge whale carcass to feast upon so why waste energy hunting when there’s already an abundance of whale meat? Then in such a rage after Nancy proves to be a formidable opponent the shark dives ferociously and greedily towards her and to its own demise and ends up skewering itself on the jagged anchor. To me that just screams Greedy!!! After the shark realized that Nancy wasn’t going out without a fight and suffering painful stings from the coral and the jelly fish why not just give up and have a nice feast of whale meat? But instead it persists. That y I think this is all about greed not to mention when the drunk guy attempted to steal her bag then realized he could sell the surf board for cash and tries to go in the water and get it. Why not take the bag and leave? GREED!!! That’s y. He wanted more and he suffered for it and so did the shark

  10. I’ve just watched this with my mate and we came to the conclusion the beach was called “shark bite, Mexican drunk thief possible rapey beach” something that would most definitely have put her off surfing in the palatial setting. Although normally an attack “of any kind” is highly unlikely the completely unnoticed presence of the rotting whale attracted the shark and in my opinion the drunk possible rapey local.

    Having poked a little bit of fun at this film. We really enjoyed it and it had us gripped.

  11. guys, the question is asking what the name of the beach IN THE MOVIE is. not the name of the real beach which we know is in Australia. learn some basic comprehension.

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