The Walking Dead On Snapchat

The Walking Dead On SnapchatThe Walking Dead On Snapchat 

The Walking Dead is a hit television series that has aired for a number of seasons. The show is about a group of people attempting to survive in a post apocalyptic world. The show starts out with the group’s major source of danger coming from the walkers (zombies) but now they face off against other humans both in their group and outside their group. The stars of the show are Rick, who is played by Andrew Lincoln, Daryl, who is played by Norman Reedus, and Glenn, who is played by Stephen Yeun. All of these actors can be followed on many forms of social media. The walking dead should create a snapchat account to promote behind the scenes content from the show. Just as its Instagram and Twitter accounts do. If you are a fan of the walking dead it would be smart to follow the walking dead on snapchat and any other social media profiles that they run. Any little bit of information you can find as a fan of the walking dead would be beneficial to you. You will have the upper hand on any conversations or arguments relating to the walking dead. Snapchat would be a great platform for the walking dead because it will allow them to post tons of behind the scenes content for their fans without being committed to a permanent post. Celebrities have been using snapchat to give fans a glimpse into their lives for a while now. Hopefully The Walking Dead will catch on in the near future.

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  1. I agree perfectly with you. I’m a HUGE Walking Dead fan. I would love them to be on Snapchat.

  2. I think hit TV show “The Walking Dead” should have a snapchat account to show fans behind the scenes of how they film their TV show.

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