Trump’s Wall Build it Huuuge Tips and Strategies – How to Stack 100 Feet

The game trump’s wall build it huuuge is a game similar to the popular game stack. However, this version has a fun twist that pays homage to the presidential candidate Donald Trump. The game is funny and should definitely be given a shot.

Trump's Wall Build it Huuuge Tips and Strategies - How to Stack 100 Feet

How To Play Trump’s Wall Build it Huuuge Game 

The object of the game Trump’s Wall is to build the highest wall possible to keep the immigrants out of the United States. To build the wall you must release blocks from a crane at precisely the right moment to balance the wall and build it taller. This game is all about timing. You want to release the block just as it is centered over the previous block. The block will be sliding side to side over across the screen just like the blocks in the game stack. However, in the game Trump’s wall, the blocks do not get smaller if you do not land the block perfectly. Instead this game is all about balance. If too many blocks are leaning to one side the tower will topple.

Trump’s Wall Build It Huuuge Strategies and Tips

If you want to stack a wall that is over 100 feet in the game Trump’s wall you are going to need to employ some strategies to do so. The best strategy I have found when playing Trump’s Wall, is to try to balance the weight of the tower. If you mess up you don’t need to freak out, just balance the weight of the overhanging block by placing another block slightly overhanging in the other direction. The weight of this block will balance the wall. Once you master this skill you will be able to build the biggest wall in the Trump’s Wall Build it Huuuge Game for iPhone.

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