UNC vs Villanova Final Four Snapchat Filter, Snapchat Lens, and Live Story

April 4th, 2016 is the night of the NCAA Division 1 basketball national championship. The game will be held in Houston, TX. The game will feature two of the most powerful teams in march madness.

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The NCAA college basketball national championship will be played between the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and the Villinova University Wildcats. The UNC tar heels are the lone one seed to make the Final Four. UNC played Syracuse in the final four and ended up winning with a decent margin. Villinova however is a two seed and they faced another two seed, Oklahoma. Villinova blew Oklahoma out of the water winning by over forty points. Many expect the college basketball national championship to be a great game. To celebrate the event snapchat has released a number of features that allow fans of the four teams in the final four to show their team spirit. I expect to see some of these same features for the National Championship game between the Villinova Wildcats and the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Snapchat Filters – UNC vs Villanova Final Four Snapchat Filter and Lens 

The national championship game between UNC and Villinova will tip off at 9:00 pm. Sometime during the game we can expect there to be a snapchat lens with face paint for each team. This will allow fans to paint their faces their teams color without the mess. The same snapchat lens was released for the final four so I expect it to be available during the National championship game. There will also be a snapchat filter for the college basketball final four national championship game between UNC and Villinova. The filter may consist of a live score update with the logos of the two teams. I am certain that there will also be a live snapchat story for the game as well.

College Basketball Final Four National Championship Snapchat Live Story

The college basketball final four national championship game will have its own live snapchat story. The story will consist of snaps from players and fans from both teams across the country. For the final four, there was a snapchat live story for both games that consisted of snaps before the game with interviews of fans and players. These interviews were followed by snaps of the game from the point of view of fans in the stadium. There were also some snaps of reactions to the game on the television.

Be sure to catch the College basketball national championship between UNC and Villinova tonight on both television and snapchat. It should be a good game. Comment who you are cheering for below.

Happy Snapping!

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