USA Summer Olympics Swimming Cap Snapchat Lens 

There have been a few Olympics themed snapchat lenses now. The most recent Olympic snapchat lenses turns you into a United States Olympic swimmer in a pool. 
The Olympic swimmer snapchat lens add a swim cap with the United States flag on the front. This lens is promoting one of the most popular events in the summer Olympics in rio. Below you will find a description of the Olympic swimmer snapchat lens along with an image of the lens. 

USA Olympic Swimmer Snapchat Lens 

The USA Olympic swimmer snapchat lens turns you into an Olympic swimmer for the United States of America. The lens adds animated water that you are sitting in and a white swim cap with the United States flag. The lens also adds some green goggles. Once activated the lens will add animated ducks. Comment below what your favorite Olympic event is!

Happy Snapping!

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