Using Instagram to Market Your Business’ Products


Image result for instagram moneyInstagram is a great tool for marketing products to specific demographics. The ability to put your product under the eyes of specific groups for free is an opportunity that every business, big and small, should take advantage of.  The process of marketing on Instagram is extremely easy and thousands of businesses are already posting pictures and getting more business. Instagram is a great tool because it is based on visuals which catch customers attention very easily. Using Instagram to market products is just a matter of creating a quality image that contains your product and is portrayed in a very attractive manner. Then posting it while making sure that somewhere in the post whether it be in the image or in the caption you mention how the customer can purchase the item or get in contact with you. It is vital that you give your customers a way to reach you or your product. Otherwise there is no reason to create the Instagram in the first place, unless you dominate search results online for whatever you are trying to sell.



The first step to creating a good Instagram account for your business to showcase your products is to make sure you have a solid profile set up. A good business Instagram accounts has a username that matches or is a variation of your company’s name. Once you have your account with password set up, you need to set your bio. This is the part of your profile that will be displayed below your username and profile picture. In your bio you will give a brief explanation about what your company or business is all about. It is where you will put your company motto if you have one. After this you will want to put a link to your website if you have one. Do not put your website link in the bio. There is a special space for your website link. If you put your link in the bio it will not be a link. If you put it in the space that says “website” there will be a clickable link below the bio on your profile. Now that you have your profile set up you can start creating posts to promote your business and get products under the eyes of potential customers.

Creating Posts

Now that your profile is set up and ready to direct customers to your business’ website or to you directly, you need to fill your profile with images of products or anything related to your business that will catch your customer’s attention. To do this it is important to have high quality pictures of your products. Having high quality images is seen as a reflection of the quality of your product. Also, it is important to be creative with angles. Take pictures of the products in action from different angles that make the product look good and catch customers attention. When creating a caption you should briefly describe the product in the post and describe how to purchase the product. If you have a link in your bio you can simply say “visit the link in our bio for more information. Another tip for creating posts is to make sure you don’t overfill your profile with products. Your profile should contain images of events related to your products or images of activities related to your product. For every post about a product you should have two posts with images of a related activity or place. A good idea for posts other than products is to give potential customers a look behind the scenes. Customers love to see where their purchases are coming from. But when you give a behind the scenes look, be sure that you are displaying a professional looking set up. If you are running your business out of your garage, don’t have random personal items in the pictures. Do not post more than twice a day. If you are posting more than two pictures a day it will be seen as spam. Nobody likes to do business with a source of spam. So be smart and keep your posts to a maximum of two a day.


Hashtags are what you are going to use to get your posts containing your products under the eyes of your desired demographic. Hashtags are so effective because you can put your post right where you want it to be. If you have a post containing fishing hooks, you can add the hashtags: #fishing, #fishhooks, and #hooks. This will lead anyone who looks at any of those hashtags to your profile, then subsequently to your business. Using hashtags will also lead to your profile gaining followers. Followers will add credibility to your business. When people see that you have a large number of followers, they will know that you are a credible business and your products are trusted. Using hashtags are a great way to expand your brand. Another way to gain followers is through interactions. Visit hashtags related to your products and like some pictures. Whoever posted the picture will see that you liked theirs and see what your profile is all about. Which will get their eyes on your products. Hashtags are a great idea when your account is new.
Instagram is a great tool for marketing products and I have found it to be the most effective social media platform to do so. Follow these steps to create a strong social marketing account on Instagram that will drive more customers to your business and in turn lead to more sales.