Using Snapchat To Market Your Brand

how to use snapchat to market your brandWhy Social Media Is Vital To Marketing Your Brand

When creating a brand for your business it is important to find a specific niche that you want to target. To build your brand you will need to expose your business to your target niche. Social media is an amazing tool for accomplishing this task. Social media allows your marketer to pinpoint specific groups of people and get the word out about your brand. This is done by continuously searching for social media groups that would have an interest in the brand and exposing them to the brand. It is important to post strategically the goal is not to force the product down prospective customers throats. You want to be smart about how you create your brand’s image. Pushy is never a good image.

How to Use Snapchat to Market Your Brand 

When marketing your business’ brand you have a plethora of options in social media. In this article I will be focusing on Snapchat. Marketing on snapchat should only be attempted if you have already successfully gained a following on another social media outlet that allows you to create permanent posts. Snapchat will primarily be used as a supplement to other social media outlets for your business. With a business snapchat account you will show followers what makes your brand unique and also share some media relating to the brand. For example, one of my clients was a fly fishing brand that wanted to market using a few different social media platforms. After setting up their Instagram account, I offered the 600 followers of the Instagram account a Snapchat account to follow. Then on the Snapchat I had the owners of the company log in with their mobile device and take progression pictures of how the products were made and some videos of them using their equipment. Their snapchat stories were getting around 100 views a pop.

Snapchat will not have any direct link to your business’ website, or other social media profile, but it will show potential customers what your brand is all about. When you are marketing your business the key is to leave subtle images of your brand and what it will offer customers. This is achieved by relating your brand to activities related to it. So for the fly fishing brand, I had the owners post images of big fish, then they would mention the product they used to catch the fish. This is a perfect example of how snapchat can be used to market a brand. Just remember you need to have another profile on another platform that you can use to direct people to the snapchat account.

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