Valentines Day Snapchat Filter Predictions 2016

Valentines Day Snapchat Filter Predictions 2016Filters have become increasingly popular throughout the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Filters have been released for every major event and holiday. The anticipation for new exciting filters continues to grow as we get closer and closer to Valentines Day 2016. This Valentines Day will be a huge day for fans of snapchat filters. There may even be sponsored filters released that promote businesses that thrive on the holiday. Businesses that may purchase promotional snapchat filters include flower companies such as pro flowers, or maybe even companies such as Hallmark. In this article I will discuss the use of filters this Valentines Day as well as some possible filter designs that will be released.

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Valentines Day Snapchat Filter Predictions 2016

Valentines day snapchat filters will be a smash hit this year. Filters have become very popular recently and if snapchat is as clever as I think they are, they will come up with some clever filters that will be used by users all over the country. This year filters may be sent as apposed to the traditional custom of purchasing a card; after all, snapchat filters are free. Users will likely mark the holiday by sending their friends and family snaps featuring Valentines Day snapchat filters. They can write messages to their loved ones asking them to be their valentine. There could be a number of valentines day filters or there could only be one. Below you will find a few possible snapchat filters this Valentines Day.

Be Mine Snapchat Filter 2016

One of the obvious candidates for a Valentines Day snapchat filter is the “Be Mine” snapchat filter. This filter would likely consist of a number of hearts or maybe some candy boxes with some text that reads “Be Mine”. The color scheme of the filter would consist of different shades of pink and purple. This filter would be popular for users who want to send someone Valentines Day wishes without spending the money on a card.

Valentines Day Snapchat Filter 2016

The other major candidate for a snapchat filter this Valentines Day is just a plain old filter that reads “Happy Valentines Day” or something along those lines. The filter would consist of either a number of items that you may receive on Valentines Day or just some text. Stuffed bears, chocolate, and hearts of all sizes and styles could make an appearance on the filter. The color scheme of the filter would be different shades of pink and purple with some text that wishes the recipient a happy Valentines Day.

We won’t know exactly which, or how many filters, become available on Valentines Day; but we do know that there will be one due to the number of holidays that receive a filter in tribute. Have a Happy Valentines Day!!!

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