Vampire Halloween Snapchat Lens Filter

Snapchat lenses have evolved from simple filters that changed your background, to all out lenses that completely change your face. For Halloween 2016 Snapchat has really cranked up its snapchat lens and filter production. In the days leading up to Halloween there have been a number of different lenses for snapchat users to choose from. Halloween snapchat lenses range from the Halloween dog snapchat lens, to a Jack-O-lantern head snapchat lens. Another one of these Halloween snapchat lenses is the Vampire Halloween Snapchat lens.

The Vampire snapchat lens turns you into a vampire fangs. This lens was released with the idea of adding more halloween snapchat lenses for snapchat users to use. The Vampire snapchat lens consists of a number of different effects that turn you into the perfect Count Dracula vampire. The lens works by adding a dull grey filter over the entire screen. The lens also adds a spiderweb filter around the edges of the lens. Then the lens gives you an elongated head with bushy eyebrows. The vampire lens is activated by opening your mouth. Once activated you simply open your mouth. Once activated, a pair of white fangs will come out of your mouth. The Vampire snapchat lens is also a voice changer.

How to Get The Vampire Halloween Snapchat Lens Filter

The Halloween vampire snapchat lens filter is a great lens for halloween. To get the Vampire lens, you will need to make sure that you have the snapchat app updated to the latest version. Next you will activate the lenses by taping on your face once on the screen. Next you will scroll over to the right until you see the Vampire icon below. Let me know what you think about the Vampire snapchat lens by commenting below.

Happy Snapping!