Watch Superbowl 50 NFL Football Live Story on Snapchat 2016

Watch Superbowl 50 NFL Football Live Story on Snapchat 2016Now that the divisional champions have been decided the super bowl looms on the horizon for both the Broncos and the Panthers. The panthers have enjoyed a 15-1 regular season record entering the playoff and swept the competition to reach the super bowl. The Broncos faced much more adversity, including the benching of their star quarterback Peyton Manning. However, the Broncos have made it to the biggest football game of the year; Superbowl 50. Superbowl 50 will be held in Santa Monica, CA in Levi’s Stadium. This is one of the most technologically advanced and greenest stadiums in the world. If you can’t make it to Santa Monica for the big game, you have a number of options to follow the action. The obvious answer is to watch the game on television. You can watch the game by tuning in to CBS. Watching the game on television also includes the perk of the hilarious and creative commercials. Another option you have is social media. You will be able to follow the action from the point of view of a fan or player inside the stadium by watching the Superbowl 50 live snapchat story.

Watch Superbowl 50 NFL Football Live Story on Snapchat 2016

When you follow the Superbowl from the snapchat mobile app you will enjoy a number of angles of the action that won’t be available on the television broadcast. The story will be updated during big plays and scoring plays. When there is a touchdown posted you will see the word “Explore” at the bottom of the snap. When you see this you will be able to swipe up and see similar snaps of the same moment from other people’s perspectives. There will even be sneak peeks into the players pregame rituals. Snapchat is a great supplement to a television broadcast. I never watch major sporting events without having snapchat pulled up on my mobile device to get even more angles of the action. It is like being at the game in multiple different seats around the stadium.

Superbowl Live Snapchat Story Prediction

The Superbowl 50 snapchat live story will start off with a snap of either players or fans entering the stadium. There will be a story filter that shares a fact about the event as well as some fancy font for the header of the story. After this initial snap, there will be a number of snaps of fans as well as players preparing for the big game. In past football live stories there have been looks into the locker rooms of the teams. I’m not sure if that will be the case for this game due to the fact that it is the Superbowl. The story will be updated every time a team scores. Each snap of a scoring play will be accompanied by a few snaps of fans cheering. This will go on until the end of the game.

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Watch Superbowl 50 NFL Football Live Story on Snapchat 2016

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