Weather And Social Media

Communication with family members is very important during and after a severe weather incident. If the power is knocked out there is no way to call using landline but there are now apps to help you keep in touch. Social media is one of the most popular ways to communicate with friends and family. It is also a place where news and warnings can spread rapidly. Social media will soon be the way that news about weather will be spread. Radio and television will soon be second to social weather updates. Recently I have been receiving weather warnings straight through my phone. I believe this is much more efficient than playing that annoying tone on the radio. In the near future weather will be very much social, and the weather stations will send updates to your feed. There are also weather Apps created by the red cross and some cities. These apps will help keep track of your family members locations and give you an easy way to communicate with them. Eventually these apps will be integrated into social media giants like Google+ and Twitter as just another helpful feature they have. The problem with weather on Social Media is the fact that rumors of fake earthquakes and severe storms will spread all over and cause unnecessary terror and preparation for something that doesn’t exist. But never the less social media and weather will make a great mix. The Accuweather app is a good example of a successful social weather app.