What Are The Best Short Tail Search Keywords for Dentists?

I think that we can all agree that ranking in Google search can be a very difficult and frustrating endeavor. There are a number of different elements that must be combined to successfully earn a front page ranking in Google search. Within this article I will share some of the best short tail keywords that can be used by Dentists to help get more traffic to their websites. 

What Are The Best Short Tail Search Keywords for Dentists?

How To Rank Higher for Short Tail Keywords in Google Search

There are two major types of links that websites seek to rank for in search: Short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Both have their own unique drawbacks and benefits. Long tail keywords are typically less sought after by websites due to the seemingly low volume of traffic however there are benefits to targeting long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are very broad keywords such as “Charlotte NC Dentist” that are not specific at all.

Be warned…

Long tail keywords are usually more difficult to rank for due to the competition that they attract. Although they are difficult to rank for, I encourage any dentist to try and strive for short tail keywords in addition to more specific long tail keywords. Both subcategories of keyword complement each other which will build a strong ranking for your Dental practice’s website. Ranking for a few short tail keywords will give your website tons of authority that will result in higher rankings in Google search for all keywords as well as Google local packs.

Best Short Tail Search Keywords for Dentists

When targeting keywords to rank for in Google search you are going to want to target keywords that have the highest search volume to help drive potential patients to your practice’s website. Below I will share some of the search keywords that I have found most helpful for my clients.

  • “Charlotte NC Root Canal”
  • “Charlotte NC Teeth Whitening”
  • “Charlotte NC Teeth Cleaning”

How to Rank Front Page for Short Tail Keywords

I completely understand that finding keywords that help you get more traffic to your dental practice’s website is a very daunting practice. If you are just getting started I recommend starting by targeting long tail keywords until your website builds up enough authority. After a few months of consistently producing quality content that ranks for specific long tail keywords, Google’s search algorithm will begin to bump you up in Google’s SERPs.

In conclusion…

While I highly recommend that your dental practice’s website targets short tail keywords, the first step is to target long tail keywords. This will help you rank for short tail keywords in the long run.

If you are a dentist and have any questions about ranking front page on Google for short tail keywords reach out to me at jacob@otlsm.com. I will be happy to help you and your practice rank higher for your desired keywords.

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