What Breed of Dog is Duke In The Secret Life Of Pets?

In the recent movie “the secret life of pets” we humans get a look into the secret lives of our pets. It turns out they get into a lot of trouble while we are away. 

In the movie there are a number of different breeds of dogs; some of them may not be well known. There are a number of characters who’s breed can be questioned. 

What Type of Dog is Duke and Gidget in the Movie The Secret Life Of Pets?

In the movie the secret life of pets, there are a few characters who’s breed is obvious while others are questionable. Max is probably a Jack Russell terrier. The breed of Duke and Gidget can be questioned. Based on some research I have narrowed the breed of Gidget down to being a Pomeranian. I believe that the breed of Duke from the secret life of pets is most questioned. I cannot say for certain what type of dog Duke is. However I have narrowed it down to a Briard. This breed looks just like Duke. If you have any questions or corrections please comment below!

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    1. Yes, It is a Newfie all the way! I have one. A Briard traditionally has black accents on the ears & face even though it is a tan dog. So that being said, again I do believe the dog in the movie is a Newfoundland.

    2. As a geoomer myself I agree Duke is not a Briard. I would guess a goldendoodle or labradoodle. I’ve groomed several doodles that look just like him. Also matches the personality of a doodle way better than a Newfoundland.

      1. I agree, I thought golden doodle plus he was at a pet STORE. Designer dogs and purebreds will be sold there

      2. I definitely agree. I have a brown Labradoodle and he resembles Duke. He is a puppy and doesn’t have quite the larger round body that Duke has. But my Doodle has plenty of time to grow.

    1. Yes! I thought that dog was larger than life, this has to be Duke!!! I changed my mind from Briard…both good choices, but the TM is HUGE! lol Love it!

  1. Duke could be a SPANISH WATER DOG,
    I have one of those, one female, and she is just as DUKE…
    Color, hair (dreadlocks), body, actitude….
    Look for this strange breed (in America).

    Whats do you think?

  2. I was guessing Gidget was a Pomeranian too. Duke is tricky 🙂 I like to guess that he is a Tibetan Mastiff too. how about chloe? never see cat like that before lol

  3. WAter spaniel.. If you mix breed a water spaniel with poodle. Guess what a Beautiful Bichon Frise 😉 and that’s what I have 😉

  4. I think Gigget is a miniature American Eskimo and pomeranian mix or a toy American Eskimo, Duke is probably a newfoundland , and Max is a king Charles Cavalier spaniel and Jack Russell Terrier mix. I would know because I have three Cavalier King Charles spaniels and one Miniature American Eskimo. The only dog I don’t have is Duke but I am going to guess he is a Newfoundland.

  5. I think Duke is definitely a red Goldendoodle, Half golden retriever half standard poodle.

  6. Gidget is either an American Eskimo dog or a Bichon Frise or cross between the two, they both look very similar. Duke i have to agree with those who said he looks like Newfoundland but has not been groomed in a while.

    1. Bichons have curly hair. She looks nothing like a bichon but Mini American Eskimo I believe is ddefinitely what she is…

  7. I think he is a cross bread between a golden doodle and a old english sheepdog, all I know is that I want one 🙂

  8. I think Duke is just a mutt. Perhaps the closest purebreed is the Newfoundland.
    The Komondor and the Bergamasco have very obvious dreads which Duke doesn’t seem to have. His coat looks like thick chunky fur, not hair.

  9. I believe Gidget is a cross between an Eskie (American Eskimo Dog) and a white Pom.
    Eskies don’t have blue eyes, they are always dark brown and look black from a distance. Also pure bread Poms have more of a rounded ear. Gidget’s are pointy like the Eskie. White Poms and Eskies look almost identical.

  10. Gidget deff looks more like a mini American Eskimo than a pom. But I could be wrong. Acts like one too personality wise. Prissy but tough all the way American Eskimo

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