What Do the Different White Snapchat Ghosts Mean Next To Usernames?

What Do the Different White Snapchat Ghosts Mean Next To Usernames?Snapchat is a great tool for interacting with friends and family. Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive snaps that can only be viewed or a set amount of time; usually about eight seconds. There a number of different ways for snapchat users to add their friends on snapchat and begin the fun. You can add people by scanning their snap code, by typing in their username, by syncing your contacts, and even by enabling local search which scans the nearby area for other people looking for snapchat friends. Regardless of how you choose to add your snapchat friends you will eventually have a list of them in your snapchat contacts. When you look at your list of friends you will notice the silhouette of a snapchat ghost next to each person’s username. If your friend has added a custom image to their snap code, you will see this image, if they have not, you will notice a white snapchat ghost with a facial expression on their face. There are a bunch of different snapchat ghosts that could be next to a username in your friends list. What do the white ghosts next to the usernames mean?

What Do the Different White Snapchat Ghosts Mean Next To Usernames?

To answer this question we will need to look into the situation. Only snapchat users who have not uploaded a custom selfie to their snap code will have these white ghosts displayed next to their usernames. So what could the different ghosts mean? To tell you the completely honest answer the ghosts are all random. No specific white ghost on snapchat means any specific something. They are just random. We know this because the ghosts will frequently change, and unlike the emojis next to the names, the white snapchat ghosts mean nothing. I hope this helped clear things up for you.

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