What Does It Mean When Google Crawls Something?

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What Does It Mean When Google Crawls Something?

If you are trying to get traffic to your webpage it can be very frustrating getting started. The best way to get visitors is to rank well in search organically. This is easier said than done. Ranking well in search takes a good mixture of  unique content, links, images, videos and on top of all of that you need Google to crawl your page. It can take anywhere from one second to a month for google to crawl your site. But before we discuss crawling time and some other topics related to crawling. What does it mean when Google crawls something? The answer to this question starts with Googles algorithm. Google ranks webpages in search by how well they match a keyword search. So they have to go through and read every webpage that is posted on the internet and determine which ones are most relevant to a search. To read the hundreds of thousands of content posted daily, Google’s algorithm sends out little virtual Google bots to search the internet for content related to any keyword that is Google searched. This process is called crawling. Once a webpage has been crawled, depending on the quality of the content it will usually rank for whatever the content is about.

The amount of time it takes to crawl a website is determined by how relevant the webpage is. If the website is very new and does not have that much content, it will take longer for it to be crawled and ranked. If your Google has crawled your website before and has confirmed that it is a reliable resource it will be crawled much faster than a new unconfirmed website. There is another way to get your site crawled instantly using something called webmaster tools. I will write an article specifically about those soon.
Some tips to make sure your site gets ranked well after it is crawled include making sure your content is original, making sure you have original images and videos, and making sure you have organic back links to your webpage. Having original content and media will get you ranked higher than if you use other peoples content and media. Google is looking for new information that will improve their search results and keep people coming back to search with them. If you post content that is the same as other websites, you will be ranked below them unless you bring something new to the table.

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