What Happened to Mark in the Netflix Original Movie Before I Wake?

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One of the hottest movies on Netflix so far in 2018 is the movie Before I Wake. This movie is a horror thriller is a must watch if you are a Netflix subscriber who has not been too impressed with Netflix’s previous attempts at original horror movies. Before I Wake is a big step forward for Netflix’s original horror movie collection.

Here is what the Netflix original movie Before I Wake is all about…

Before I Wake tells the story of a family who, after loosing their child and signing up to become foster parents, become the guardians of a little boy named Cody. It is not long before they realize that Cody has a unique power. Im not going to get too detailed in the description but I will say this, Before I Wake is a must watch for any Netflix subscriber who has an interest in horror films.

What Happened to Mark (Cody’s Foster Dad) in The Movie Before I Wake?

After you watch the movie Before I Wake you may find yourself asking a few questions. One of the biggest questions is what happened to Mark (Cody’s Foster dad)? The movie does not really explain what happened to Mark. The last we see of Mark he is absorbed by the canker man who is brought to life as Cody dreams in his sleep. When this first happens my first reaction was that somehow Mark and the young boy who was also consumed by the canker man would make a reappearance and it would be a happy ending. However, when the end of the movie is reached we see Mark and his biological son together. We also see all of the other people that the canker man has consumed released from a web. This raises even more questions… Is mark dead and in Heaven? Will mark ever come back? In my opinion, the movie leaves the answers to theses questions open ended but infers that if Cody can exercise his powers for good Mark may be able to come back and be the father for Cody that he wants to be.

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