What is Shots? – New Mobile Social Media Platform

What is Shots? - New Mobile Social Media PlatformWhat is Shots? – New Mobile Social Media Platform

There is a new social media app beginning to make its way onto the scene. It is called Shots. Shots is a new type of social media that relieves many of the anxieties associated with social media. With normal social media platforms, users may have been cyber bullied by other users. The creators of Shot realized that most of the bullying was occurring in the comment sections of posts. To solve this problem they created their own social network called Shots. Shots has no textual comments. Any comments on posts are in the form of a reply shot which prevents potential bullies from hiding behind words. Most of the interactions on the app are through shots, which are either in video or photo form.

The set up of Shots is very similar to instagram in the way that there are video and photo posts in a column. Posts can be liked and views on each post as well as your overall profile are tracked. There is no way for anyone other than the account owner to know how many people follow any given user. This was part of the anti anxiety design created by the founders. When you post on Shots the camera offers a number of features that will help you enhance your image. Your image or video will be marked with your username,and also a location if you desire, when you post it. You can write a caption for the image as long as it is less than 160 words. Captions for posts can contain a link; this can lead to spam in the future but for now it is very handy. The only way other users can leave comments is if they reply with a video or picture sent directly to you.

You can add users and their posts will be displayed in your feed. Again you will not be able to see how many followers a user has. Only the owner of the account will know how many followers they have.

My Thoughts 

So far I am still familiarizing myself with the app and it seems to run very smooth. One con at the moment is that there are not many users right now. Whether this changes or not will depend on how well the app can be marketed to users. The idea of no comments and no displayed followers is designed to prevent anxieties related to social media. It will help some but I have never had a problem with this.

Overall this app seems like a quality production. I will continue to tinker with it and find out what, if anything, makes this platform superior to others. Download the app for yourself and try it out. Add me by searching for the username: kehlerjacob . I will be posting more articles about this app as I learn more about the app and what it is capable of.