What is the Best Vehicle for a Ski Trip – Best SUV and Truck for Snow

What are the Best Vehicles for Road Trip to the Ski Resort

Depending on where you live and where you are planning to go skiing there are different variables that come into play when you plan a ski trip. For those of us who do not live on the mountain or have a place to stay on the mountain, one of the biggest hurdles is getting you and your friends/family along with all your gear to the ski resort. Within this article I will share different vehicles and the pros and cons to each when it comes to embarking on a road trip to a ski resort.

Which Type of Vehicle is Best for a Ski Trip?

When you are trying to choose a vehicle for your road trip to go skiing you will want to keep a few factors in mind: seating, storage, and 4 wheel drive. There are two types of vehicles that combine all of these elements into a single well rounded vehicle: trucks, and SUVs. Both Trucks and SUVs offer great storage and seating capabilities while also offering four wheel drive and traction control for snowy conditions on mountain roads. Below I will go over the pros and cons to both SUVs and Trucks when it comes to taking each on a ski trip.

Best SUV for a Mountain Ski Trip

I have done research on different SUV’s and how they preform on a road trip to a ski resort. Here are my top three SUV’s for a ski trip:

Toyota 4Runner

What are the Best Vehicles for Road Trip to the Ski Resort

The Toyota 4Runner offers outstanding comfort for a long highway trip while also offering top notch off-road and snow handling capabilities. With seating for five and plenty of storage space, the Toyota 4runner offers everything you need to pack everything you need into the vehicle. The 4runner also offers a roof rack for additional storage if need be. The off-road capability of the 4runner is one of the best you can get which makes the 4runner the number one SUV for a ski trip where road conditions could be less than optimal.

Jeep Wrangler

What are the Best Vehicles for Road Trip to the Ski Resort

When it comes to handling snowy and icy conditions the Jeep wrangler takes the cake. No other SUV can handle the snow quite like a Jeep Wrangler. Where the Jeep Wrangler is lacking in storage space it makes up for with its ability to climb snowy and icy roads to ensure that you and your buddies make it to the resort in one piece. If storage is an issue you can always add a roof rack to your rig to store skis or other gear.

GMC Yukon

The GMC Yukon is the most luxurious of the vehicles I am sharing today. Although the GMC Yukon is not known for its ability to navigate ice and snow, it is more than capable and also provides ample amounts of storage and seating. The GMC Yukon offers passengers extreme comfort and, if this matters at all, looks amazing on the road. Just like the 4runner and the Jeep Wrangler, a roof rack could be added for extra storage for your road trips to the ski resort.

Best Truck For A Mountain Ski Trip

Here are some of the best trucks you can find that will help you get all your friends/family as well as your gear to the ski resort safely and comfortably:

Chevy Silverado

What are the Best Vehicles for Road Trip to the Ski Resort

Not only is the Chevy Silverado a nice truck when you need to haul a boat to the lake or move mulch to your backyard landscape, the Silverado also makes a great vehicle to take you and your friends to the ski slopes. This Chevy Truck is known for its rugged nature and ability to handle rough conditions and abuse that can be expected when traveling to a ski resort. The Chevy Silverado is capable of handling icy conditions and provides tons of storage for drivers to stow away their ski gear. In addition to the generous amount of storage, the Silverado can comfortably seat five adults for an extended drive to your ski destination. I recommend this truck for any avid skier. Check out your local Chevy dealership, they should have a great selection similar to this NC Chevrolet Dealership.

Ford F150 Raptor

What are the Best Vehicles for Road Trip to the Ski Resort

If you are not a Chevy guy you can check out a Ford F-150 Raptor. This truck is one mean looking vehicle and is more than capable of handling snow and ice. This truck provides tons of storage and seating which will make packing up and heading to the mountain extremely easy. This truck is also comfortable so those long road trips to the ski resort are not as brutal. The only con to this vehicle is the high price tag. But believe me, you are getting a great vehicle for the price. Head to your local Ford Dealership and check one out today!

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