What is The Black And White Hair With Bow Snapchat Lens?

There is a strange snapchat lens currently available on snapchat for everyone to use. The lens is on everyone in the United States snapchat app. 

There is a creepy snapchat lens that adds black and white hair to your head topped with a black and white bow. The hair had bangs thay cover your eyes and nose creating a creepy effect. This lens was made available at the same time as the scary lights out snapchat lens that is promoting a movie. Below you will find a description of the creepy black and white hair with black and white bow snapchat lens.

Creepy Black and White Bow With Black And White Hair Snapchat Lens

The creepy black and white hair snapchat  lens does not say sponsored but it is located to the left of the dog snapchat lens which is where the sponsored lenses normally are. I have no idea what the lens is for. If you have any clue please comment below. This lens adds a black and white bowl cut that has bangs that cover your face. There is also a big black and white bow that tops  your head. The lens also gives you some red lipstick. This lens is very creepy but is worth giving a try. 

Happy Snapping! 

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  1. This is based upon the Iconic wig that the singer SIA wears. It is promoting her latest single CHEAP THRILLS which is currently number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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